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Virtual Reality Startup Virtuix is Building a VR Treadmill For Your Home

Virtual reality startup Virtuix is building a VR treadmill for your home. The Omni One is an elaborate full-body controller that lets you physically run, jump, and crouch in place. The Omni One Can supports 360-degree movement, will detect crouching and kneeling too. The package includes a VR headset, so you won’t need to plug in an Oculus Rift or some such.

Virtuix and third-party developers are working on games for the system, and there will be more than 30 available at launch. Omni systems have primarily been available at entertainment centers like Dave and Buster’s. The COVID-19 pandemic temporarily slowed down sales of Virtuix’s commercial treadmills, Omni Pro and Omni Arena, prompting it to ramp up work on Omni One. It originally aimed to ship the system in 2022.

Virtuix Omni became one of the ten biggest technology Kickstarter campaigns, raising $1.1 million in funding.

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