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LG Seems to Have a Rollable Laptop in the Works Which Offers a 17-inch Display Size

LG seems to have a rollable laptop in the works that could offer as big as a 17-inch display size. The patent for the rollable laptop by LG seems to have a display that can unroll between 13.3- and 17-inch sizes. It appears as a sound bar when unrolled. Also, the laptop is seen to have a power button on one of its sides, unlike any regular laptops that carry a power button alongside the keyboard. The rollable laptop also seems to hide the webcam when rolled and comes with a tick display drum that can stand on its own.

LG also appears to offer the keyboard and touchpad on the rollable laptop that could fold in half. LG is also in the rumour mill for developing its rollable smartphone that could arrive sometime next year. The rollable smartphone is said to be in plans with a codename Project B, though it could be called LG Rollable. The rollable laptop aren't confirmed by LG. It is highly possible that the patent could just be related to a concept and not for a commercial product.

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