Google Fundo Lets Creators Get Paid By Hosting Virtual Meet-And-Greets

Google’s Fundo lets creators get paid by hosting virtual meet-and-greets. Google's Fundo, a service that allows creators to host paid, ticketed virtual meet-and-greet events is expanding from a limited test into a full-fledged product that anyone can use starting today.

Fundo is designed for events on a relatively small scale, allowing for up to 30 people to be on camera at the same time for an interactive session. The core use cases are meet-and-greets, small workshops, and medium-size group experiences. Fundo was originally meant as a virtual photo booth-style service. Fans could wait in a digital line, chat briefly with the celebrity or creator, and get photos with them, just like a real-life meet-and-greet.

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 by Time Screen